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• “I am so elated I cannot work. I’ve got 40 pictures that I absolutely adore and want in the book (It’s all your fault! I love them so much)! Is that too many? Thanks again for making me feel amazing!”

• “Thank you very much again for selecting me for one of the prizes. I definitely want to do this again. It was a great experience and it was wonderful to work with you.“

• “I still cannot believe I did this….. But I have to tell it did make an impact in my life that very few will really understand.”

• ”Wow, they came out much better than I had actually expected. Thanks again, its done wonders for the ego! I felt very beautiful and sexy and really one doesn’t really have to be a size 32 to feel sexy. I also feel that all women should try it because this is something that one needs to experience and it is a life time experience. I will one day look back and be proud that I lived every step of my life. I really feel that I got lost in myself and I completely loved it. I can already tell you that you will be seeing again soon. “

• “Thank you so very much for my photos!!!!! They look great!!!! Your service is 120%. I need to praise you for your work. You are really a pro. You did a masterful job. Your model wasn’t good at all, and the results are phenomenal!!! You made me feel comfortable. When I saw the link for the first time I was actually surprised to see the amount of skin I allowed. Thank you for getting me there!!! (I know now how you did it… A honours degree in psychology!!!) The photo’s are so special!!!!! I thought I was doing it for hubby, but guess what? I’ve got a new wallpaper on my phone. The “dreamy pink feathers”!!!! You can be proud of your work!!! After the whole photo experience I have only one regret, and that is that we did not take more nudes. Really racy nudes with maybe a hint more than boobs… Thank you once again!!!!”

• “Once again –THE PICS ARE STUNNING!!!!!!!!”

• “You are the BEST ! ! ! ! ! The pics are amazing!! You have made my day!!”

• “I must congratulate you not only on excellent photos, but also for treating us so well, I love them, thanks.”

• “I love my photos. I would like every single one of these 94 on disc, I am so chuffed with what you and me got right!! Thanks a MIL! Can not wait to give it to hub.”

• “I love, love, love, love them! “

• “Gave my husband the album yesterday and he was soo speechless, he said he couldn’t believe that was me.”

• “Wow! Thanks very much, they are great! I can’t believe it’s really me! Really glad that we did the nude shots in the end.“


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