Sensual and Boudoir Photography

When people ask me what I do for a living… I proudly announce that I am a photographer. I then explain that one of my passions and specialties is what I like to call sensual photography, combining both boudoir and nude photography…

From that point on I get asked a lot of questions.

The next first question very often is…so what exactly is Boudoir or sensual photography …. (Nude photography is obviously self explanatory as no really asks for much more detail on that.

Boudoir (pronounced as boo dwaar) is defined as “a women’sbedroom or private sitting room”. Traditionally boudoir photography is exactlythat… images taken in a bedroom like setting and mostly of women dressed inbeautiful lingerie, night gowns, stockings and suspenders etc. Boudoirphotography is a subtle play on teasing, sensuality and the beauty of a women,it is never overtly explicit.

I prefer to use the word sensual photography to describe my style of photography in this genre purely because I think the work is a littlebroader than “boudoir” in terms of what it will include. I think the wordsensual can encapsulate both boudoir and nude photography while retaining theidea of subtleness, beauty, the teasing nature, it is a little more flexibleallowing for  poses that are a littlemore erotic, fun and for settings outside of the traditional bedroom look thandoes traditional boudoir photography without being overly explicit or trashy.

Some people raise eyebrows and others  think it is fantastic… regardless of theresponse most people then want to know, how and why did you get into sensual photography.

It happened rather by accident really. I always loved andadmired beautiful nude photography and art like Gustav Klimpt but never thoughtall those years back that there would be a need from the general population fortheir own sensual photographs let alone that I would be making a living from sensual photoshoots. One day I went to a psychic for fun and she suggested I do photographs for women…I wasn’t sure it would work but thought nothing ventured nothing gained, and how would I know if I don’t give it a try. I am glad I made that appointment, what was just a love for nude art and photography all those years ago has led me to my sensual photography which I absolutely love.

I find sensual shoots so rewarding, not only do husbands think they are the luckiest men around but whenladies leave my studio they have an extra bounce in their step with a new senseof confidence and freedom. The notes and message I receive are priceless withwomen thanking me and  even saying howmuch this has changes their outlook and their lives.

I built a website specifically dedicated to the sensual photography side of my work. This site illustrates my vision of sensual photography, femininity and women in theirdiversity of emotion, power, and beauty. It is a tribute to women andtheir natural beauty, charm and voluptuous curves.

My work serves to celebrate all women from all walks of life, agesand body types and their sense of sensuality, fun and glamour with a littlecheekiness and naughtiness thrown in .

Sensual Photography is such a lovely way to pamperand honour the women in you that we all have, boost your confidence and spoilyourself with beautiful and timeless images that you can look back on and beproud of.

A beautifully constructed nude portfolio of yourself is also the ultimate gift to give especially when the love of your life seems to already haveeverything. Intimate, private, special and naughty, a unique gift only you cangive.

This is a perfect gift for any brides getting married and wanting to give their groom the most unique present only a bride can give – Bridal Boudoir. Imagine his face when he opensyour portfolio on the morning of the wedding.